WordPress Maintenance

Your First Web Site

$100 – $500 USD

Your First Web Site

It is difficult to start, but with help the results are better. You save time and money. In two weeks you are on the internet

ReStyle Web

$200 – $ 1000 USD

Re-Style Web

Do you want to renew your website? The second parts are the best, our united experience can help you keep growing.


$35 USD/hr


Knowing about marketing, design, programming, search engine optimization (SEO) and much more is the perfect combination to save and have an awesome result

seo sem

$50-$400 USD


Advertising on the internet, optimize your site to be in google and if it is in the first places better. I help you get potential visitors.

Don’t use website builders

They look great but …

WIX.com, Squarespace.com and other website builders can be a bad investment, wasting money and time.

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Hello, I am Luis Oviedo Ortiz. It’s Nice to Meet You. Luis Oviedo Ortiz

I’m a freelance web designer , specialising in bespoke website design & development. I have made it our mission to cultivate interactive web experiences that excite and inspire. I work through a custom process from the start to the end of your project, ensuring 100% design satisfaction.

I am an established, experienced and trusted, Connecticut based freelancer with over a decades’ experience in providing bespoke web design solutions – I’m well equipped to take your business concept from initial idea to reality.

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University Degree in Celiac Disease and Gluten Related Disorders University Degree in Celiac Disease and Gluten Related Disorders 1st Plant Beeding Symposium 1st Plant Beeding Symposium Latin American Society for Pediatric Endocrinology Latin American Society for Pediatric Endocrinology Virtual and Interactive Round-Table on Pandemic Prevention and Preparedness Virtual and Interactive Round-Table on Pandemic Prevention and Preparedness


Bespoke Design

All of our websites are carefully designed in Photoshop or Corel Xara before being coded by me, ensuring your site is a unique and bespoke design. I have a collaborative design process, which considers our client’s feedback at every stage, ensuring 100% design satisfaction.

Mobile Optimised

Every website I develop works seamlessly on mobile & tablets, ensuring excellent mobile performance utilising responsive web design via CSS/JS technology. This establishes an optimal viewing experience across all devices, fully engaging both your desktop & mobile customers.

SEO Optimised

As part of website development process, I will perform onsite optimisation to ensure that your website is ranking for the right keywords, and employ best practices for user experience – positioning your site to generate enquiries and sales. Post-launch, we also offer a bespoke SEO strategy so you know what steps to take next.


I am a WordPress CMS web specialist, which allows us to adapt and customize a powerful and future proof open source CMS to suit your needs. I make use of visual editors to create the content of the website’s I develop, which allows our clients to easily manage and update their website once delivered.


I offer industry-leading, secure, enterprise standard e-commerce systems as part of our website development. I can adapt e-commerce systems, including Magento and WooCommerce, to work seamlessly with your business model, whether it be drop shipping, virtual products, or international sales.

Immersive Effects

I insert code interactive elements into your website, to engage and inspire your visitors. I utilize cutting edge technologies including jQuery, Canvas, and Webgl to deliver an engaging immersive website experience.


Security of your website and its data is a key considerat of the website development process. As such I take steps to ensure that your website and its data is kept secure from bots, hackers and virus/malware attempts, including reCAPTCHA v3, antivirus & firewall technology and limited use of third-party software.

Custom Development

All our websites are custom coded on a lightweight framework that has been coded using my experience with current 2020 web design and SEO standards, making it highly scalable, agile, and easy to adapt. This ensures no excessive bulkiness or code bloat – resulting in faster website loading times.

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I follow a bespoke process from start to finish, providing you with unique website designs tailored to your specific requirements.

    Phase 1


I will perform research and discovery to plan and inform the phases of the project.

Phase 2


Prior to prototyping the designs, I will create wireframes which plan out the structure and user flow of your website.

Phase 3


In a collaborative process from end-to-end, the design of the website is created bespokely in Corel Xara or Photoshop.

Phase 4


The final designs from the design phase are used to develop a web version of the site on my staging server.

Phase 5


The website functionality is developed and content is populated as outlined within the project spec.

Phase 6


The website undergoes a full Q&A and interoperability testing procedure, ensuring optimal performance.

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